Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cooking partner

Last night I was chopping a red pepper and a strip fell on the ground and Marty instantly snatched it up.  I am always pretty leery about giving him any "people food" because he is so tiny and often cant handle big bits of anything.  So I tracked him down as he was cowering under a chair knowing that he shouldn't have it.  I kept telling him, "Drop it Marty."  Slowly as the pepper was sticking out of his mouth he lowered his head so slowly and dropped it on the ground.  This makes me very happy.  Mainly, because I (we) took special attention and time to train our dog.  Now I have a wonderfully obedient sweet dog that will listen to me if he really does eat something that could be very harmful.  That time  I wait  (we) took to train him properly could save his little life someday.  That alone is the beautiful part of pet ownership. 

This has got to be the best picture I have ever taken of my dog.  I just had to share.  I love having him in the kitchen on this lounge chair while I'm cooking.  I can't really explain it, but it is very important to me.  I think no matter where we live and no matter how long Ray and I have him I will always have a special, comfortable, wonderful place in my kitchen for him that he loves.  

Best !! 


  1. Amazing.

    I must meet him... And then promptly eat the delicious little thing!



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