Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project idea....actually worked!

I love cooking for the creativity and design behind a recipe, but I also love crafts and designing projects for the very same reason.  Re-purposing is where its at! 

When I began blogging again I added "Top Notch Eats and Beats" so I can add craft projects or general projects from time to time to spice up the blog a bit.  

I don't pretend to be the best sewer/crafter in the world, but once in awhile a  project idea comes to mind and it actually works.  It actually works without a pattern and just a general idea in my head.  

I recently ordered some Toms for a wedding I was in a few weeks back and I was so happy with them I wanted to commemorate that wedding and purchase with another item I could make. 

You can see the beautiful Toms a little bit in the picture below with my husband. 

So I had the great fabric from a project awhile back and a really wanted a new bag, but didn't want to spend any money.  So made a new bag and smacked that Toms flag right on it.  It worked out beautifully!  Making bags is really the easiest sewing project you can get.  If you can sew a straight line or kind of a straight line you can do it! 

Back with more recipes soon !

Enjoy !!!


  1. You could sell these. I would buy one!

  2. It did come out pretty cool. To sell them I would need lots and lots of TOMS flags. I dont think I could buy that many TOMS without going a little broke. It is pretty cool though. If you have an extra flag and about a yard of fabric send it to me I will do it right up for you! For nothing!

  3. Do I have TOMS flags? (More than I want to admit) but I use them for my shoes; they are great to pack the shoes in before I put them in my overnight bag. If I get a new pair I'll send you the flag with a bit-o-fabric


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